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My first experience with "blogging" was Livejournal. On that site it was very easy to post a quick update, or a very large one (it was further simplified by having those installable apps to do the updates). I think the combination of things like twitter updates, facebook status updates, and standard web blogging is what made Livejournal easy to use and acceptable regardless of length. There's a time and place for all lengths and types of updates across all social mediums. So you go on girl, socially update, and blog the shit out of everything you need :)


the problem with any blogging platform is ubiquity (or lack thereof).  everyone is already on facebook, so they don't have to create a profile to comment on the one or two friends blogs on platform FOO. 

one neat thing about vox is that they've recognized their users are also on facebook, so they make it easy to crosspost from the vox UI.


Now I know why you have been so quite on Facebook!

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