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this reminds me of something my college english prof would constantly complain about - that his students wrote like they spoke and they didn't speak well. Similarly now with social media we have a generation that doesn't know how to speak in full sentences or write properly since they only know how to tell of little sound bites. They can't relate 1:1 anymore. They'd rather sit and text each other at the same table. Now you've gotten me started!


My social personalities shift so frequently due to passion on a topic. I can't say for certain if I fall into the "me" club. I do know that I seem to gather great hoards of topics as I shift from crafting to geek to angry activist.

I will say to a certain degree social media does issue Pride and Vanity. Being an evangelist for my company I am expected to speak in a positive tone to the value points of our solutions. At times to less engaged users it may seem boastful. To our customers its another level of leadership, validation of brand, and expertise. Personal social feeds.... if its truly personal why worry about vanity? You're sharing thoughts and feelings with the people who love you. They'll get your manic moments as well the moderated ones. :D

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