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Happy Phantom by Tori Amos.  I got to see her at the Backstage in Ballard on her first solo tour (presuming she toured the US at all with Y Kant Tori Read).  It was reasonably small and very intimate and a pretty awesome show.  The next (and actually, I guess, last) time I saw her was probably about a year later at Kane Hall on the UW Campus.  The cult had kind of taken over by then, and what was a crowd that was learning who she was and beginning to really appreciate her songs, had given way to people who knew every note to every song and hung on her every word as if she was some kind of messiah.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the difference was striking and I sort of got what that thing that people who had seen Nirvana before they were big and then after they were big were talking about.  I've liked a fair chunk of her music since, although I don't think I own it all, but that first album will always be special to me because I discovered it on my own at Tower Records, and it was this great and beautiful hidden jewel that I got to share with friends, and sometimes it's just really fun to be there at the start of something.


and the atrocities of school
i can forgive
the HAPPY phantom
has no right to bitch

seriously...i suck at this game, but I love that song!

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